MySQL Proxy didn't got a (public) update for half a year now. But these dry times are over now.

We abonded the svn repo a long time ago and it got tricky to keep our internal repository and the external, public one in sync. The backlog of patches to merge over piled up to a point where we could keep up anymore. That was in June 2008.

Now, in January 2009 are up to date again and dropped the user of svn in favour of bzr. This will make inclusing of external changes a lot easier.


To get the latest source just install bzr and pull it from lauchpad:

$ bzr branch lp:mysql-proxy

Up to today that was giving you the old svn tree, but this is now all fresh, pure bzr.

If you used the svn-tree up to now, you will see a long list of changes that went into the tree since the summer.

  • update your glib2 to at least 2.16 for its g_test support
  • we assume libevent 1.4.x now for its better threading support

Important Changes

  • The most important change performance-wise that we don't buffer resultsets anymore if we don't need to. It requires a small change to your lua scripts if we need access to the rows or want to change the resultset on the way to the client. The default is to not buffer the resultset.
  • proxy.backends.* is now*
  • the code for mysql-myisam-dump.c and mysql-binlog-dump.c is in there too
  • the number of unit-tests has increased and now depends on glib 2.16+ g_test*

We'll try to document all the changes over the next weeks, now that the code is all public again.

BTW, the reason for the long delay is on my and Kay's side. We have a few plugins that are for our enterprise users that were part of this repository. It was nasty work to split them and their history our into another, internal repository. Sadly this took longer then we anticipated.


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