The MySQL Proxy was split into

  • a chassis which handles cmdline, service, logging, plugin loading
  • a core library for the life-cycle, network handling and protocol decoding
  • a lua layer wrapping around the internals
  • a set of plugins: proxy, admin, debug, replicant

It also contains a few tools that reuse the above libraries:

  • mysql-binlog-dump
  • mysql-myisam-dump

We dropped libcheck in favour of glib 2.16's g_test_* functions.


Chassis added support for SIGHUP to reopen logfiles added win32-service support added --basedir added experimental --log-backtrace-on-crash added DTrace probes added a angel to keep the chasses alive added --user option to change the system user the proxy runs as added config-file support that maps cmdline options to configfile options

Core fixed handling of RBR for long multi-byte CHAR() fields (#37426) fixed assertions when COM_TIME, COM_PROCESS_INFO or COM_DEBUG are received replaced assertions in protocol decoders by proper error-codes added handling of the 4.0 auth packets added parser for files added a writev() network backend

Lua Layer expose chassis_log_* functions to lua added the posix and lpeg module from luaforge use the LPEG lua-module to parse statements added memory profiling added { resultset_is_needed = false } as default moved proxy.backends.* to* added a lua-wrapper around some glib-2.0 functions added a script cache * removed explicit call to lua_gc() to improve the speed

Proxy Plugin track rows and bytes of a resultset fixed quoting of SQL commands like COMMIT and ROLLBACK added test-cases for connection-pooling, fail-over, ... refactored the SQL tokenizer into a lua module fixed handling -- comments in the SQL tokenizer fixed backend state cache

Admin Plugin replaced the hardcoded admin commands by a lua script interface added authentication support

Debug Plugin * return "number" as DOUBLE or INTs

MySQL Binlog Dump * added a library and cmdline interface to dump binlogs incl. MySQL 5.1 RBR

MyISAM Dump * added mysql-myisam-dump to dump the content of a .FRM files and .MYD files


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