... is the title of my session at the MySQL Conf 2009

I'll unveal the full thing at the session at next week Tuesday, but for now let me show you this:

local f ="my-binlog", "w")
    server_id = 1,
    type = "INCIDENT_EVENT",
    incident = {
        incident = 42,
        message = "The answer"

... gives me:

$ mysqlbinlog my-binlog
#090415 12:02:32 server id 1  end_log_pos 350 
# Incident: U‰åƒì‹E‰uø‹‰}ü‹}
                        ‰D‹E‰Dgö# at 350

What ever I did: I can break mysqlbinlog :)

Hint: the above is lua code. A working encoder/decoder for binlogs with a c-library and a lua-wrapper on top.

If you have some ideas what this could be useful for add it as comment to this article and let's see what I can show at the MySQL Conf.


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