At MySQL I'm writing several different command-line applications from the MEMo Agent to the MySQL Proxy. They all have a common set of requirement:

  • command-line options
  • config-files (mapping cmd-line options to config-files)
  • logfile handling (syslog, SIGHUP, ...)
  • a mainloop (SIGINT, CtrlHandler, ...)
  • daemonizing (daemonize, services, ...)
  • plugin handling

In the proxy svn you see all this a the chassis of the proxy.

At the side it has a MySQL-Server and a MySQL-Client (we usually call it the proxy). Currently this is implemented as libmysql-proxy which is then used by the proxy plugin to implement the proxy.

By splitting up the design into 3 different layers:

  • chassis
  • low-level protocol + protocol states
  • proxy implementation as plugin

we can

  1. use the chassis for any kind of application
  2. implement MySQL apps based indepenent of the proxy features
  3. implement plugins for the chassis which don't use MySQL

For most of the chassis I used functionality provided already by glib2:

  • GOption + GKeyFile
  • the log facilities
  • GModule

as we don't want to invent another platform independent API.

For the future I plan to clean up the second layer a bit and perhaps write a load generator that:

  • can handle more than 100 connections
  • and is scripted

We already have all the parts for it.

BTW, this is 0.7.0 aka trunk. The 0.6.1 is already built, but is stuck because of problems on win32.


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