We are proud to announce the release of

MySQL Proxy 0.8.3 (alpha)

which updates MySQL Proxy for the protocol changes introduced in MySQL 5.5 and 5.6.

All users of MySQL Proxy 0.8.x are recommend to upgrade.


  • added network timeouts for connect, read and write operations
  • --proxy-connect-timeout, --proxy-read-timeout, --proxy-write-timeout
  • added IPv6 support
  • added initial support for the win-auth-method and its protocol extensions (MySQL 5.5.17)
  • added support for extracting the pluggable auth protocol information
  • Lua-API added:
    • con.client.challenge.auth_plugin_name
    • con.client.response.auth_plugin_name
  • fixed handling capability flags in the client auth response
  • C-API change: network_mysqld_auth_response_new() needs the server-side capabilities
  • Lua-API added:
    • con.client.challenge (mirrors con.server.challenge)
    • con.client.response.server_capabilties
    • con.server.challenge.server_capabilities
  • fixed length of auth-plugin-data in the client auth response packet
  • fixed handling of invalid characters in the config-file
  • C-API added: chassis_keyfile_to_options_with_error()
  • C-API deprected: chassis_keyfile_to_options()
  • fixed crash if --max-open-files is invalid on win32
  • fixed default plugin-dir for 64-bit Unix systems (lib64/ vs. lib/)
  • fixed crash if COM_BINLOG_DUMP is used with rw-splitting.lua (http://bugs.mysql.com/34412)
  • handle missing trailing \0 in MySQL 5.5.7-.10 in the auth-method name
  • fixed abort() in COM_CHANGE_USER+auth-method-switch
  • fixed excessive buffering of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE data
  • fixed lock-up under very high load (http://bugs.mysql.com/63908)


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