MySQL Proxy 0.8.0 has been released at

While it took a while to get it out, it contains a lot of good stuff and will make a few more things possible for the future. First of all, it is the first release with a threaded network-backend allowing to use plenty of CPUs.

The other big infrastructure change is mostly for developers: out-of-tree plugins can now be written. Now you can write plugins for the MySQL Proxy against a installed MySQL Proxy. No need to have the MySQL Proxy's source code around.


  • added a threaded event handling layer
  • added support to change the auth-response on the way to the backend
  • added timing infrastruture
  • added out-of-tree plugins builds and pkg-config support
  • fixed handling of broken length encoded data in resultsets
  • fixed version encoding in win32 (#45996)
  • fixed too small listen backlog() (#43278)
  • fixed configure check if flex is really installed (#45766)
  • fixed handling of >16M packets (#35202)
  • fixed parsing of invalid IP-addresses (#47273)
  • fixed off-by-one line-numbers in Lua stackstraces (#47348)


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