MySQL Proxy 0.7.0 is finally released:

The full ChangeLog is a bit longer as 0.7.0 was more than a year in the works. To make it short: it is faster, better and more flexible.

Binaries will be release at shortly.

{% endexcerpt %} For everyone who just wants to update from 0.6.1 to 0.7.0 you should just see a major speed improvement.

  • A bug in the connect()-phase that caused to leave the Naggle-algorithm enabled caused a unneccesary high latency.
  • We also changed the buffering of result-sets to only buffer them if the scripts really ask for them with resultset_is_needed = true, see the examples.

Please keep in mind that 0.7.0 isn't a drop-in replacement for 0.6.1. We changed a few objects inside the lua layer which need some small changes to your Lua scripts:

  • proxy.backends.* is now*
  • proxy.connection.client.address is now proxy.connection.client.src.address full description
  • the resultset is only available in the resultset handler if proxy.queries:append(id, packet, { resultset_is_needed = true })

Our focus for the way to 1.0 will be around threading to remove this scalability bottleneck. A first code-drop is already available at launchpad: threaded-io


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