It has gotten a bit quiet around the MySQL Proxy over the last weeks, but I can assure you it was worth it.

Here in my hands I hold MySQL Proxy 0.5.0. Not just some binaries, no everything with sources. As always it is dual licensed under the GPL and commercial MySQL license. We worked hard to get everything ready for the release: the wiki, the forums, the public SVN trees ...

The proxy can do magic. Put in your ideas and say the magic words and there ... it works. :)

The proxy is fully scripted now which opens up the proxy to your ideas. The possibilities are endless. I can think of at least of the following features:

  • load balancing
  • fail over handling
  • query analysis
  • SQL macros
  • query rewriting
  • .... much more

The proxy started as side project of me and is now evolved into a full MySQL project maintained by the Enterprise Tools team. It got a new home in the MySQL Forge where we document the use-cases and other resources around the Proxy and will be maintained by a team at MySQL. Some of them are just creating a logo for it :)

Thanks to the build-team at MySQL we have binaries for all major platforms. Pick them up (incl. sources) from


The docs team just started to write documentation for the proxy and will help to make it easier for you get your problems solved.


As already mentioned the proxy is controlled with lua, a scripting language which is designed to be embedded, small and fast. All we need for the proxy.

To show its power we started a tutorial to show the possibilities at

Fell free to shared you scripts with the community and add them to snippets as well. Just tag them with "mysqlproxy".



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