In the tradition of creative names for MySQL related projects ...

<weigon_> arj... no arjen :(
<dormando> haven't seen him in a few days, huh
<weigon_> looked like a proxy job
<weigon_> tokenize the query, replace the constants and rewrite the resultset to something harmless
<dormando> sounds easy
<weigon_> in the tradition of
<dormando> :)
<weigon_> I really would like to see applications falling apart when this script is put in between
<dormando> mine fall apart on their own. I need proxy to put them back together :(
<weigon_> Bandaid for MySQL ? :)
<dormando> Pretty much :(
<weigon_> is "bandaid" is trademarked ?
<dormando> It's a brand, so yes I think
<weigon_> otherwise it is ... damn
<dormando> the real term is adhesive-strip or bandage
<weigon_> bondage for MySQL ... *g*
<dormando> haha


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